Insights Suite

Rich customer insights, fast analysis, powerful results.

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Insights Suite

Rich customer insights, fast analysis, powerful results.

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Understand consumer needs right now

The Medallia Insights Suite enables you to capture rich human emotions and opinions found in video, collect in-the-moment feedback, and source the most innovative ideas from thousands of customers. Leverage today’s growing virtual engagement and video adoption to speed time to innovations that drive growth and revenue.

Tap into the power of video

Video has become an essential communication mode. Collect rich video feedback with the Medallia Insights Suite.

  • Gather consumer opinions, motivations, and feelings through video, audio, or images within online surveys.
  • Automatically record virtual IDIs and focus groups via video conference and let the Insights Suite analyze the content for you.
  • Run international research with automated transcriptions and translations to save considerable time and resources.

Unlock customer emotion and sentiment

Both can be key drivers of purchase decisions and brand loyalty. Using video, our powerful AI and machine-learning tools help uncover a deeper understanding of your customers.

  • Dig deep into speech, emotion, object, and context data to discover meaningful trends.
  • Easily search analyzed content to understand the story your data is telling you.
  • Create powerful video summaries for business stakeholders. Seeing the customer can be so much more powerful than seeing a report.

Let your customers lead the way

Being a customer-driven company means letting your customers drive innovation. Tap into their wisdom and see how quickly great ideas arise.

  • Crowdsource by giving customers the ability to share, vote, and comment on product and service ideas.
  • Run rapid applied research to compare opinions between top ideas.
  • Drive group participation and collaboration by encouraging positive competition via user scores, rewards, badges, and leaderboards.


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