The Customer Success solution to retain and grow every account

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“Our experience with Strikedeck has been terrific. The flexible platform was able to accommodate our changing requirements and priorities. I like the fact that functionality can easily be turned off and on, to optimize the user experience based on what's been implemented [for each customer].”



Learn how you can create a customer-centric culture, identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and monitor customer health to drive revenue.  

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Successful Customers are Happy Customers

Strikedeck equips companies to drive customer trust and loyalty across every account relationship. With Strikedeck’s award-winning SaaS platform, your organization can easily build and run effective, efficient, secure and scalable Customer Success programs.

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Gain a 360° view across all your accounts with easy-to-use Customer Success dashboards. And Strikedeck’s real-time health scoring drives proactive support by identifying when customers need attention and providing alerts for critical events.

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Integrate and Automate

Easily access key customer data sources with over 50 application connectors and 8 different data transfer capabilities. Use customer activity to automate daily operations, workflows and outreach triggers, driving efficiency across your teams.

Visualize Success Drivers

Automate and personalize customer usage analytics and milestone reports for each account stakeholder, empowering a customer-focused culture across your organization.


The Essential Handbook for Customer Success

Learn how to properly structure Customer Success operations and key ways to improve customer satisfaction.

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Prioritizing Customer Success Is Key In The Subscription Economy

Learn how Customer Success is a key driver for growth in the rapidly expanding subscription economy.

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Experience Management Leader Medallia Acquires Strikedeck

Find out how Strikedeck aligns with Medallia’s vision to address the full spectrum of B2C and B2B Customer Experience management.

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